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06-Sep-2017 10:59

We will always try to allow other views and wanted to run this as seen in the eyes of one of our readers.

The business of prostitution has existed since before the beginning of recorded history.

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On a typical day, Nancy gets home early in the morning and goes to bed.

She spoke to a reporter, a photographer and volunteers for Magdalene Hope, a group that reaches out to help prostitutes.

As she smoked, the thin woman in her late 20s talked of a dangerous life that requires her to work from early evening to 5 a.m. She asked to be called "Nancy" and didn't want her identity revealed.

Her niece thinks she heads out at night to stay with her boyfriend, Nancy said.

"As long as she thinks that, that's fine," Nancy said.I made 0 in like 15 minutes and so I was like, 'Whoa, I'm in the wrong profession,'" Nancy recalled.Nancy talked on a chilly February night while standing just off Union Avenue waiting for customers.Now, she doesn't work for anyone but herself, a fact she keeps quiet for fear pimps will harass her.