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19-Feb-2017 02:37

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The problem that presents is that both men and women become a lot more discerning and picky because they feel, surely, in the vast sea of people they now have access to, there is no need to settle for anything less than perfection. It’s harder for many guys to be witty in writing, especially when most of their years of practice are from in person interactions.

That attitude manifests itself in many ways that don’t exist in the offline dating world but the important manifestation to this topic is the requirement for men to be great authors. Hence the need to be a great author in order to master this task.

Although I think the point is very valid and I completely understand why this would bother women, an explanation is needed.

Men and women for the most part, play very different roles when it comes to dating, online or offline. Like a hunter, men are out there looking for opportunity. Yes, there are those female lioness out there who do the same but they aren’t in the majority.

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It’s a product I spent nearly half a decade making with some awesome people!

Single men are always trying to find someone to talk to, doing things to get her attentions, and trying to make themselves seem as desirable as possible to keeping her interest long enough to show value.