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28-Mar-2017 23:47

He's kind, funny, fully available and sexy, they have great sex and she loves him. So we politely decline when he tries for date number three (sometimes even date number two). She went on to say that while she loved him very much, she knew it was never going to work out in the long term because she never felt that elusive spark. This woman was talking about a man who she feels is her best friend. I know this is an extreme example, and most, if not all of us would be smart enough to say “yes” to this guy and start growing old together, but the reality is that a version of this happens to so many of us all the time..

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They typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their own needs.The end result is the same – you're totally in love.Even when people had that fiery spark in the beginning, it fades.At their Best: unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others.

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Details on Jennie and Luke's rumored relationship after filming their 90210 Old Navy commercial! To add some more fuel to the fire, the Enquirer is also reporting on this romance report.

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