Dating mistakes women do

26-Feb-2018 08:10

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This article discusses ten common dating mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them in the future.1.

Game playing: This strategy is usually employed for one of two reasons. When it comes to dating, everyone, on some level, fears rejection.

If you can get a handle on the things on this list, I guarantee you’ll notice your relationship drastically change for the better.

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There will be times when you’re not happy with something he’s doing. The best strategy is to tell him what it is you want (I love it when you do X) instead of harping on what you don’t want (Why don’t you ever do Y?

) Again, stop looking at the things he isn’t doing and look at what he doing, and then acknowledge and appreciate him for it!

The more you show you appreciate him, the more he’ll try to please you. However, it’s in your best interest to try and be happy and positive. In general, we’re drawn to people who are happy and radiate a positive energy.

Men are much more straightforward than women, if you tell him nothing’s wrong and then pout and mope around waiting for him to press you further, you’ll just cause anger and resentment to build.

Be honest and straightforward with him if you have an issue.most of the issues women are having are rooted in the same mistakes.To help you break away from the pack and get on the path toward a healthier, happier relationship, I’ve identified the 12 most common relationship mistakes most women make.Ease your way into the relationship so you avoid losing yourself in it.

Mar 22, 2015. 17 killer mistakes women make that ruin a first date. The first of many dates? Picture gma3ter. Dating is nothing but pressure let's face it, it's one big game. Forget this 'be yourself' mantra, the first date at least takes one heck of an act. Getting the balance right between showing your real self warts and all.… continue reading »

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What I have noticed 1. Using the statement "My friends say." While knowing that your friends like you and give you advice is interesting to WOMEN, most men couldn't care less. And, in fact, they might be concerned that your friends have so great.… continue reading »

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Ever feel like you make a lot of mistakes when it comes to dating in your 50s? I know I sure did! Dating mistakes after 50 happen all the time. The good thing is once you know what these mistakes are, you can course correct and take a different path. I'm going to share with you the three most common dating mistakes after 50.… continue reading »

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The Popular Man, on the Theta Hill Press imprint, has just released a book for ladies only. Check out Eleven Dating Mistakes Women Make And How To Correct Them. Available on Kindle and in paperback. Some women easily attract guys and get in great relationships, while other ladies barely get a look, and end up.… continue reading »

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