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I soon added a rack, top box, front crash bars and a pillion backrest, and removed the canvas panniers which came with the bike from new.

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Even today I can look at people with obviously new bikes who are just starting out, and from the grin on their faces, I know exactly how they feel.

Top boxes, 'Universal fit' mounting plates (so you can share one Givi top box between several bikes), windscreens, luggage and many other excellent products. If you spend more than £30, which is very easy to do!!

, the postage is free."I came into motorcycling by mistake, because when I started a new job in May 1973, suddenly I needed transport.

Needless to say, this trip took a long time and wasn't very comfortable, especially for Steve Thorne, the passenger.

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The bike clocked up 15,000 miles before the piston seized and I part-exchanged it for a CD175, RJF944M; I just missed the last CB175.I began motorcycling a few months before helmets were made compulsory in August 1973.But there was no compulsory training in those days. I crashed it about a week later, going too fast into a bend up near Houghton-on-the-Hill, and luckily did no damage to myself and only bent an indicator and very slightly twisted the forks on the bike. I don't have any pictures of my own bike; the one opposite was from an Ebay sale, but looking at it brings back many memories.Könnten Sie mich bitten kontaktieren, wenn das Teil nicht verkauft wurde. I have not received the article, please tell me when it was sent. As a bank draft or electronic transfer will probably cost more than the item, I've had no choice but to send cash in Euros for my purchases. Spares (The Bike Shed) of Longworth Lane, Bartestree, Hereford, HR1 4DF supplied me with a good condition low mileage CX500 oil pump, complete with strainer etc. Geoff Norfolk recommends Honda of Bournemouth,adding "They've got all the microfiches on their site along with the cost of each part so its incredibly quick to order exactly what you want.