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Royal Sumerian graves are the source of discovery for vast quantities of ancient jewelry, including earrings.

The Sumerian Renaissance represented cultural advances in technology and the tools to create great art.

While shapes, styles, materials and symbolism may have fluctuated endlessly, earrings have, with a few exceptions, been popular since we began to adorn ourselves.

The first archaeological earring finds date from the third millennium B.

The sexigesimal counting system, which gives us our 60 second minute, 60 minute hour and the division of day and night as 12 hour periods, came out of this enlightened era.

Sumerians conceived the concept of a 'work day' with holidays and resting days and too many other "firsts" to enumerate here.

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The earrings produced during Protopalatial Minoan Crete era (1900-1700 B. After the fall of the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations their cultures were assimilated into the new Hellenic culture, which would further evolve to become the Classical Greek civilization. There was no longer easy access to gold and other vital jewelry making materials, but in spite of this hardship, goldsmiths continued their work in the Mycenaean tradition enabling the designs and motifs to be rediscovered in Greece in the seventh century B. Egyptians did not embrace the idea of adorning their ears until they had firmly established the custom of wearing other forms of jewelry.Large scale production of colored glass for jewelry manifested in several varieties of penannular glass hoops.One style had a narrow opening between the ends of the hoop in which an ear lobe could be squeezed, using pressure and tension to hold the hoop in place.The difference being that the pierced version had a longer central tube that passed through an oversized piercing in the lobe.