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Pictures of majestic trees planted during the British Raj, vintage furniture and the museum complement the write-up.Minallah also gives an engrossing account of the famous 17th century Sufi Saints Barri Imam, buried in the village of Nurpur at the foot of Margalla Hills. Dani’s research reveal the losses suffered by this site during General Zia’s era.All these heritage sites are suffering from neglect and it is high time the relevant authorities recognized their full potential as tourist sites.Throughout her career as an artist, designer and writer, Minallah has been one of the most inspiring advocates of peace, tolerance and conservation.Her book is a stark reminder of the gap that exists between modernization and protection of the country’s heritage.It introduces people to new ways of not only seeing, but also caring for, their culture and tradition.She exposes the work of two brilliant potters of the area who have kept alive an art that would otherwise have been lost.Minallah also highlights the presence of a Hindu temple in this culturally rich village, besides the well known legacy of Sufi saint.

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It is a marvellous book, wonderfully bringing alive the mix of natural and man-made heritage in the Islamabad area and doing so with the aid of the most arresting photography.Fauzia Minallah’s passion for art and design converges with her activism through writing and campaigning for heritage, conservation, environmental and social matters.So does her enthusiasm for raising issues of peace, tolerance and justice as well as her involvement with children, on a platform that she has provided to them in the shape of an NGO called Funkor Child Art Centre, carrying out workshops for children living in shanty towns, for children with disabilities; refugee children and so on.Renowned archaeologist Prof Ahmad Hassan Dani’s research has also guided Minallah’s book.