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Evidence of temporary use during the Bronze Age was also discovered, while in modern times shepherds and other transient visitors occasionally occupied the cave right up to the time excavations began in 1987.

The chronology of its prehistoric inhabitation has been established through more than 50 radiocarbon dates derived mostly from charcoal samples collected from the remains of hearths. the Theopetra Cave is also unique in Greece because its archaeological record spans two great moments in human history: the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans (circa 30,000 years ago) and the shift in human subsistence from nomadic hunting and gathering to sedentary farming that marks the start of the Neolithic era.

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The ongoing investigation of the Theopetra Cave involves many different specialists, including archaeologists, geologists, paleobotanists and zooarchaeologists.

The rich array of materials thus far recovered by these scientists consists of charcoal; stone tools; pottery; bone, stone and shell objects, including bracelets and beads; ceramic figurines and human remains in various burials dated to circa15000 BC, 9000 BC and 8000 BC.

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The older a sample is, the more luminescence it emits.

To determine age, a comparison is made between sediments with a known amount of added radiation and sample sediments that were affected naturally.

Apart from its extraordinary length of inhabitation ? The Theopetra Cave also provides the earliest evidence for Paleolithic cave dwelling in Thessaly and an important record of climatic change during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene eras.

Long before the cave was inhabited, it seems that Neanderthals were already aware of its existence. s team found a trail of at least three hominid footprints left in the cave? apparently by several Neanderthal children about 2-4 years old, judging by the prints? during the Middle Paleolithic period about 135,000 years ago.

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