Dating protocol

17-May-2017 09:07

I've heard stories of women who meet men for the first time, and know they did not like them, but "take" him for whatever they can on the date, and then say, "Sorry, I'm not interested." Please advise me on this issue. Steven Frankly, we think that dinner in a restaurant is not one of the best settings for a blind date (neither is a movie), although many people seem to think that etiquette demands it. A blind date should be treated as an opportunity to learn about the other person, to decide if there is enough between you to get to a second date.Trying not to talk with your mouth full, and praying that you don't spill something or get lettuce stuck between your teeth, is not the most conducive atmosphere for conversation.It's a sad fact that so many men and women have become jaded by unpleasant blind dates, so now they either go on these dates with a defeatist attitude, or have expectations that are impossibly high to meet.We'd like to go a step further and suggest an approach that will make blind dates more enjoyable -- or at least bearable.Now that online dating is virtually taking over traditional dating, it’s important to learn the etiquette and rules surrounding this new art form.Like a fine wine, the beginning of an online connection needs time to breath and gather full-bodied taste.Instead of worrying about how your date will turn out, just relax and try enjoy your surroundings, the activity you are engaged in and your date's company.

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We have found that the best blind date is one that is not centered around a meal.

Then all of the sudden, his messages become weird and cryptic. Is your silence a way of saying, “I’m not interested anymore”?

Yes, the silent treatment when it comes to online dating is totally acceptable.

Wouldn't we both be uncomfortable and just faking it?

And if a woman suggests a restaurant for the first encounter, would it be right for me to suggest something less expensive -- without sounding like I am something less than a gentleman?

Obviously, if you’ve been intimate with the other person or have spent a lot of time together out in the real world, then a phone call or in-person letdown is much more acceptable. If you haven’t met in-person, then it would completely inappropriate to ask.

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