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But other charms-often from the store of a white witch-averted evil.

For protection against malevolence, people carried a medallion bearing the mystic slogan abracadabra, or a magical stone such as amber, bloodstone or lodestone, or a bracelet of naturally pierced pebbles culled from a streambed.

My boyfriends mother awoke to find scratch marks on her hands and wrists, and a slight cut on her belly.

Her child and her were fine, and she never had a visit by an "Anima Bendita" again.

The cousin told her she had used the "Animas Benditas" to do a good deed, and that way have some leverage on judgment day. One night, she had a dream that her front door burst open, and in floated a woman, hair flying in the wind, and a knife in her hand, traveling down the hallway in route to her room.

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