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04-Apr-2017 00:58

Almost a third of you think online dating is perfectly normal in this day and age, and more than a quarter of you use text messaging to keep in touch with your partner.

Charmingly, though, a handful of our respondents still write old-fashioned love letters.

That way it can become something thrilling and exciting again."But if Scots' sex lives are evolving, we are also more romantic than the stereotypically dour image we often project.

Only 13.2 per cent of you think that romance is dead, with the widest-eyed romantics being in the Highlands, where every single one of our respondents think romance is still alive and kicking.

Sometimes a quickie can be great, and sometimes a really long drawn out thing can be amazing.

In second place came the English film actor Hugh Grant, while Prime Minister Gordon Brown – despite being a fellow Scot – trailed behind, polling just 1.8 per cent of the vote.

"It sounds a bit boring, but if that's the case, you should try scheduling it in.