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12-Dec-2017 02:03

So, why is it that when I’m interested in a woman or I see a group of them herding together at the club, I suddenly turn into this timid shell of a person? There's war waging inside of us that we just can't win. Here are 12 very transparent reasons why we are afraid to take that next step with women: We can sense the outcome of what will happen, and we run away from that happening.

There are several of us hiding in the shadows of our best alpha male friends. Our friends will call it a wide array of things – lack of self-esteem, being too shy, no initiative, etc.

But, I wouldn’t recommend relying on sites like these long-term.

Success rate varies for different individuals and it’s always been a golden rule that you should be careful when meeting people on the Internet.

This led to a lack of experience when it came to those social environments, which also explained why we excel in other social environments, but not in ones where meeting and talking to new women is a thing.We’ve been turned down by the ones who count and subconsciously, we feel like it may happen again. And, the idea of being shot down by someone like that again isn’t appealing.I’m a whopping 5’7'', which, for a guy, isn’t super tall.While they’re meeting the dream girls, we’re watching from a distance saying, “Hey, that could be me,” and then coming to that sudden realization, “But, not back from here.” Yet, we continue to sit there, sipping our drink of choice alone. But, the number one thing I have noticed is that we believe we have a better idea of the social nature between man and woman.

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