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It can be a major life shift, even if you're the one who broke things off. On the other, you're now free to live life …I was wasted eating a grilled cheese when I had the first impulse to say “I love you” to my girlfriend, Ryan.But when I caught a glimpse of myself in the restaurant bathroom mirror, ketchup in the corner of my mouth, eyes wildly unfocused, I was lik…I’ve gone on a lot of first dates in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever really had a bad one. Sure, but never one where I felt I totally wasted my time.The college dating scene is often associated with quick hook ups at parties, temporary flings or even the scandalous “friends with benefits” arrangement.Add in the chaos of classes, extracurricular activities and interning—and finding the time to maintain a long-term relationship may seem a bit like an impossible feat.A friend said that she would never consider dating someone with out a college degree.I told her that is a pretty shallow way to judge someone's potential, as there are quite a few very successful people without a degree and quite a few real zeros with degrees.

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But once we realized how much we cared about and respected each other, we decided to make a stronger commitment to finding that time, especially by doing something new once in awhile, like an impromptu scenic drive.But we also have very different academic interests: My boyfriend is studying architecture and I’m a business major.Yet this actually helps our relationship because we tend to look at things from varying perspectives, which often results in interesting and lively conversations.My boyfriend and I are both foodies, so on dates we always go out to eat in Koreatown or Little Tokyo.

We’re also both geeks at heart, so we’ll enjoy catching a few episodes of Pawn Stars on the History Channel together on a weeknight.That's not the case for the folks down below, who revealed their biggest fi…You and your BAE have been together for a while now. You've passed the first "I love you." Maybe you've even passed the wedding vows.Things have slowed down and you eventually start thinking back to y…Even the happiest, most optimistic peeps out there find themselves in a bad rut from time to time. Seeing your partner suffer through a rough period can be really hard.Spontaneity is another factor that keeps a relationship strong.