Dating someone in alcoholics anonymous

11-Mar-2017 20:39

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Your Guide to Alcoholism Drug Addictions Help and Information.Sober is a community of over 168,000 recovering alcoholics, recovering addicts, recovering co-dependents and their friends, family and loved ones.Start a new thread to change the topic or use the PM system 12 Step Programs are off topic for this forum and posts discussing 12 Step Programs will be removed.Please scroll up and use the Secular 12 Step Forum for positive topics on Secular 12 Step Recovery.(Support and experience only please.)An open forum to talk about your struggles with narcotics addiction and recovery.Ask addiction and recovery related questions and respond to others in the same situation. DO NOT give or ask for, Medical advice.)A General Forum for all Alternatives to 12 Step Recovery and Non-Faith Based Topics that Foster Recovery from Alcohol and Substance Abuse Discussions must be respectful.Don’t get me wrong I doubt their overseas boyfriends are going 6 months or a year without trying to have sex either, but if these girls have finally found their “golden ticket” it is pretty amazing how they will cheat on it so quickly.I have been in Asia for less than 3 years and there have to be at least 10 times that a girl has received a call from her overseas boyfriend while we are in bed.

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Men wanted my number and wanted to date me. I was newly sober, clueless and craving love.’ Illustration Chloe Cushman for the Guardian… continue reading »

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Sex and Dating in Sobriety. By Amy Dresner 01. When you’re dating another alcoholic. Alcoholics Anonymous; dating; sober; sponsor; meetings;… continue reading »

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Sister Ignatia - tells the story of Dr. Bob admitting one of the first alcoholics to St. Thomas Hospital. Talk delivered at A. A.’s 1960 International Convention.… continue reading »

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