Dating someone out of pity

31-Oct-2017 14:20

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Something that really helps people who are depressed is someone close to them that will talk to them and help them solve out their problems.Unfortunately sometimes one gets emotionally attached while the other is not interested.Have to say, at least personally, one of the worst things is to have a girl so close to you as a great friend and "love you", but not have any actual romantic attraction to you.It's almost like one of the worst kinds of teasing, especially if you like the girl. You know she "loves you" and will always be there for you, but you can never have her. But like others said, bite the bullet and be honest.Just tell him all his good qualities and how you feel about him.It will boost his self esteem knowing someone is there for him and actually cares.

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Some pain now is better than a shit ton of pain later.I think you're a great person and I care very much about you.But I don't feel the way about you." Say something nice about him. You can show him that you care about him by being there for him and maybe make him feel loved, like on his birthday, you buy him something that he likes.Believe me it's a bad road and you don't want to go down it. First of all, do not try to put the whole "friendzone give the nice guy a chance" bullshit because the friendzone does NOT EXIST. That will not change no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I want to feel that way towards him I can't, so don't give me that crap. That is quite possibly the rudest thing I've seen on this site so far.