Dating the enemy 1996

23-Sep-2017 20:44

The film starts out when Brett and Tash meet at a party for sad lonely singles held by a mutual friend on Valentines Day.

They end up getting together at the end of the party, and then the film moves forward one year into the future.

Trans Gender Sci-Fi: Dating the Enemy (film database site) Dating the Enemy (film database site) Dating the Enemy (Guy Pearce fan site) Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Dating the Enemy (film review site) E!

Online - Movie Facts: Dating the Enemy (entertainment news site) Dating the Enemy (entertainment news site) Internet Movie Database: Dating the Enemy (film database site) Urban Cinefile Reviews: Dating the Enemy (film database site) Urban Cinefile Features: Dating the Enemy (film database site) And then there's a few other sites that make mention of the film, but do not go in depth as to explaining anything about the film.

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I stuck to the Internet for the most part, and used my personal knowledge and interpretations of the film for the rest.

According to, these dates were 23 January 1997 for New Zealand and 17 August 1999 for Italy (television premiere rather than cinema release).

As far as I can tell without being able to read German, Dating the Enemy has been released in Germany on DVD. And this is where you learn to take note of the section on

My source does not mention if this is Australia only or worldwide, but after comparing the box office details for Priscilla: Queen of the Desert from that source and (despite the latter not having the gross amount for Australia), I would have to say that the ,506,922 is how much Dating the Enemy made at Australian cinemas only. "Dating the Enemy." (1997) accessed via change and stereotypes." (18/9/1996) There isn't a great deal on the Internet about Dating the Enemy, but there seems to be more now than when it was released in 1996.

I'll assume it's Australian only as The Dish (Sitch, 2000) made more than that in the first weekend it opened in Australia. Most of the pages about this film have the main details about the film and a brief synopsis with nothing more.

1 hr 44 min Plot Summary Television show host Brett (Guy Pearce) and his laid-back science journalist girlfriend Tash (Claudia Karvan) despair that they will ever truly understand each other.