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It’s also possible to get maps compiled for free with many of the features only available in the shareware versions.Stan has installed a version of the compiler on the , a collection of free Garmin maps created by enthusiasts over the years."Vladikakaz mathematical journal" is oriented to the broad section of the experts who are interested in modern research in fundamental mathematics and mathematical modeling of problems in engineering, natural sciences, medicine, ecology, etc.The Journal is distributed regularly in the Book Chamber, the central libraries, the leading mathematical institutes, centers and universities in Russia.

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It is intended for researchers, teachers, postgraduate and undergraduate students.Since 2000, the printed version of Vladikavkaz Mathematical Journal is published, with a circulation of 100 copies., periodicity - four issues per year.Vladikavkaz Mathematical Journal was created to attract the attention of the mathematical community to the research conducted in the South of Russia, as well as the expansion and strengthening of scientific contacts with Russian and foreign colleagues.However in recent years there is a tendency for curtailing of these communications and that adversely affected on a level of mathematical researches in republic.