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28-Jun-2017 01:14

It took me years to finally "get" this into my thick skull. And she can do this in the first 2 or 3 minutes of a conversation, almost without fail.This is what I figured out: Women have a highly specialized social radar. And here's something else: She has to know you're SINCERE. evolve so you could solve tricky Algebra problems, or memorize plays from Shakespeare.Something that comes from your own unique identity? Here's something I discovered along the way that finally gave me the "A-Ha! It's just like Spidey-sense, complete with the tingling.

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No technique in the world create this strength of foundation you'll get from complete self-confidence.

For the longest time, I've wondered "What is it that makes certain guys REALLY successful with women?

And then later on down the road I could be more "real" with her.

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I even tried being more like a "player" to jack up women's attraction for me.

After a while I started being a little "flexible" with the truth.