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Competition is a good thing and keeps those in office on their toes. ****** Here’s a piece of advice for local baseball fans. To quote an occasionally unhinged person on Twitter: “Sad! Their menu is larger than the one at Platte Woods and they will serve breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Actually the number is less than 32 because a few of those above me are Landmark employees.Don’t pay face value for your Royals tickets this year. Heck, even when the Royals were great at being terrible Opening Day was traditionally a sellout. I had purchased two tickets to Opening Day, wasn’t feeling the greatest on game day, decided I wasn’t going and couldn’t even find a willing taker as I tried to give the darn things away the morning of the game. ” ****** Remember our fun conversation with Royals PA announcer Mike Mc Cartney on Landmark Live in very early March? This feels much better than two years ago when 150 of you were ahead of me and not quite as good as last year when only 20 of you finished above me. Yes, we’ll do it again next year even though hosting this Bracket Battle is the most time consuming thing you can imagine. The public loves it--20 more people entered this year than last. And we were only a few entries shy of setting a new all-time record.No other areas of the building appeared to have been tampered with, Major Erik Holland of the sheriff’s department said Monday.(Get down and get funky with Foley on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.This meant his name would occasionally appear in Between the Lines as we pointed out some over-the-top comments he made at public meetings. One day he came into The Landmark office for a conversation about politics and our opposing viewpoints, saying he wanted to “humanize” himself.Fred-now-Carmen even tried to good-naturedly return fire.Though we were on opposite sides of nearly every issue, in early 2013 when The Landmark was able to break the news about the tremendous amount of hidden salary and hidden perks in the ridiculous contract of former Superintendent Dennis Fisher, Sanchez opened up with information that helped add depth to our story.Since much of the information didn’t exactly paint Sanchez and other school board members in a positive light, I respected him for his honesty in doing so.

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Anyway, Fred Sanchez--who had a conceal/carry permit--resigned from the Park Hill board after unintentionally carrying a firearm into a board meeting.

Eric Zahnd race that has developed, at least for now (sometimes candidates file then drop out. saying, with a hat tip to alleged school board candidates at R-3 who have perfected this not-exactly-brave political art form).

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