Dbml not updating

05-Jul-2017 06:54

This will cause LINQ to SQL to dynamically calculate and execute the appropriate SQL code to update the database.For example, I could write the below code to update the price and # of units in stock of the "Chai" product in the database: When I call northwind.

After making the changes we want to the objects we've retrieved from LINQ to SQL, we can then optionally call the "Submit Changes()" method on our Data Context to apply the changes back to the database.

As I covered in Part 3 of this blog series, we can easily use LINQ syntax expressions to query and retrieve data from our database using this Northwind Data Context class.

LINQ to SQL will then automatically translate these LINQ query expressions to the appropriate SQL code to execute at runtime.

Submit Changes() above, LINQ to SQL will dynamically construct and execute a SQL "UPDATE" statement that will update the two product property values we modified above.

I could then write the below code to loop over unpopular, expensive products and set the "Reorder Level" property of them to zero: When I call northwind.I covered how to construct and model these relationships in Part 2 of this blog series.LINQ to SQL enables me to take advantage of these relationships for both querying and updating my data.In addition to updating existing rows in the database, LINQ to SQL obviously also enables you to insert and delete data.

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