Don lemon cnn dating

30-Mar-2017 23:45

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He is one of the most notable people working at CNN today.

He has had the chance to interview some of the most powerful people including Rahm Emanuel after he got the chief of staff position for Barack Obama.

Though Media Take Out’s posts about gay celebrities or celebs with debatable sexualities are often soaked in homophobia or laced with general ignorance about the LGBT community, this one is at least supportive of Lemon’s sexuality—even if it does make the brazen assumption that two gays together = boyfriends. Some blacks just think being with snow bunny is right no matter how busted they are.” “don’t get it twisted.The news has not been confirmed by Lemon as of yet.In a memoir called Transparent, Lemon declared he was gay and also discusses sexual abuse as suffered during his childhood and the black community colorism. He has also been able to get other awards for the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Hurricane Katrina reports.He was appointed pastor in 1987 when the church had about 150 members.