Double your dating the kiss test

28-Nov-2017 14:42

If she pulls away at all, keep your touching extremely brief, and keep up your romantic conversations.

She most certainly won’t be receptive to a lip-kiss if she won’t take one on the cheek willingly.

Don’t make a big deal of this, just let it seem to happen.

The Hug Test One way to learn about how a woman feels about you is to see how she responds to being hugged.

Enthusiasm Test You can also gauge a woman’s level of interest by her level of enthusiasm.

Her enthusiasm will be shown in her overall demeanor, but it’s best shown in the time between one activity and the next.It’s between the activities that you do together, rather than during them, that she has the best opportunity to claim she is tired and needs to go home. After the movie, is she eager to go out for coffee or a drink, or does she seem reluctant?Does she seem to be looking for a juncture at which she can end the date, or is she up for partying with you all night long?It’s these between spaces that will tell you her level of interest.

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