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You begin by moving towards her, as if to kiss her, at some point “change your mind,” and back off again.

If, as you move toward her, she backs away, she probably doesn’t want to kiss you.

This is when you kiss her cheek, to see how she responds.

If she leans into the kiss, and smiles, she’s into it, and will be receptive to your lip-kiss later.

Before going for the first kiss, you must have done most if not all of the flirting moves with a woman. If you haven’t done most of these things, don’t even consider the first kiss. Casual touching is ambiguous; you might be touching her as a friend, or you might be touching her as a potential lover. If you are touching and holding her hand, or rubbing her arm, or keeping your hand on any part of her body for more than a few seconds, you are touching her romantically.

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The first rule of hugging a woman that you are dating is that you keep it short. Use it as a test of her readiness, not as a chance to get your sexual or touch needs met. When saying hello or good-bye to her, you can often simply take her in your arms and hug her. That’s a good sign, and you might want to move to kissing her right then.If she gets use to being in your arms without kissing you, it’s easy for her to resolve the apparent incongruity by telling herself that you are simply a friend.Also, hugging is a time when men who are starved for touch accidentally show some desperation.If she stays still, or moves slightly forward, she’s probably interested.