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Are you planning to cover how to display images and/or videos referenced by the feed items in your guide? @ Guest (comment #3) - I hadn't planned on this but it sounds like a good idea.I think what I will do is gather a list of extra suggestions from people whilst I publish the first 3 parts and then cover them all in a follow up 4th part post.Then create a vocabulary with the following settings: 'Discard feed items older than:' we always want our feed items to be available to users so we set this to 'Never'.'Check feeds every:' 1 hour is good here as sports news is quite frequent, so we want to check for updates often.'Vocabulary' set this to 'Source' which was the vocabulary we set up in the previous step.

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First, go to the 'Add vocabulary' subsection of the 'Categories' admin section (admin/content/taxonomy/add/vocabulary).

Go ahead and add the other feeds the same way as the BCC feed (using the feed URLs and taxonomy terms from Step 5 above).

The site won't do a lot yet, though, so we'll sort that out in part 2. any chance you could write a bit about workflow options, node queue, etc.

This tutorial will be split into three parts - part 1 (this part) will explain how to set up the aggregation and import feeds, part 2 (to be published next post) will explain setting up cron to handle auto updating the feeds and will also cover using views to create some different site sections, and part 3 (to be published the post after that) will explain how to theme everything.

In the tutorial I will be building a Drupal based sports news aggregation site, but you can obviously tailor this to whatever type of news items you'd like.

'Default input format:' we'll start be leaving this as the default 'Filtered HTML' option which will filter out any HTML tags that are not specified in the input format settings (admin/settings/filters).