Dual optic accommodating lens

06-Sep-2017 13:44

If the rhexis is too small at the end of the procedure, it will be possible to enlarge it.

The dual optic accommodating Synchrony IOL (Abbott Medical Optics, AMO, Santa Ana, Calif.) gives the patient the ability to have a full range of vision (distance, intermediate, and near) with high quality of vision.A look at the five-year outcomes with the lens has shown that all implanted subjects were better than 20/40 at distance, intermediate, and near vision tests.The Synchrony lens is designed to replicate the natural lens by increasing its power when viewing near targets and reducing it when looking at a distant object.The posterior portion has more surface area than the anterior segment, which helps to provide stabilization and centration in the capsular bag.

If possible, one should pause several seconds after the delivery to allow the posterior optic to unfold and settle into place before the second optic (anterior lens) is delivered.If there are epithelial cells left, they could have a negative impact on the overall capsular contraction in the long run.After completing phaco and cortex removal, the incision, needs to be enlarged to about 3.8 mm to insert the lens.It is, to my knowledge, the first three-dimensional bag-filling IOL.

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A dual-optic accommodating IOL Synchrony, Abbott Medical Optics seems to have met the presbyopic challenge by providing good vision at far and intermediate distances.… continue reading »

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