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Millions took to the streets on July 3 and demanded that Morsi step down.In defiance he used his democracy trump card to defend his right to remain in power - as though being elected is synonymous with being democratic.In a joint statement by activist groups: Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights; El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence, New Woman Foundation, Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment, Tahrir Bodyguard and Women and Memory Forum, they speak out against the brutal sexual assaults of January 25, November 2012 and June 30, 2013.They reject the mind-set that blames the women for being "responsible" for their rapes because they brought the circumstances upon themselves for being where they do not belong.This activism, rather than quietude of the masses, makes real democracy dangerous to those who define it for the powerful, rather than for ordinary citizens.So, be careful to think about whose democracy you are protecting when Egypt is criticised for its "coup".

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They encircle women for gang rape and form human walls to keep anyone from preventing the raping.There are more women present in the 2013 actions than 2011 having been mobilised by Morsi's anti-women's "choice" stances.Many of these newly mobilised women are from rural areas and Upper Egypt and many are Coptic Christian women.In most of the coverage of Morsi street demonstrations I have seen it is all men.