Elf dating sim walkthrough

22-Jan-2018 08:17

Just click the icon Plant Tree when you are by the hole that was just created and select an apple to plant an apple tree and water it so it will grow back. If you keep chopping without water it will die but if you stomp the stump then dead wood essences will pop out. This area will tell you what interests you need to complete the task and how many of each. Now go to roofing materials and click on Gray Roof Shingles and paint the roof. You need to have 30 wood essences but you need Elmira's axe so let s talk to her. Select chat, then Discuss Toil, then Hug, then Receive Axe. That is all we can reach right now that is important so use the treasure finder to see what is underground. She gives you a scroll to build gear belts to fix her bull ride. You have to place the belts in front of or behind another belt or gear. Use your treasure finder in the water to try to find the key. Look toward to the water and go to the right area of the water. Go to the clam near here and open it for a scroll, mana, and bronze.

Climb up the steps and you will see one on your right. There is another chest by the shore on the right side facing the building. Click on the wand icon to enter construction mode or press the button. Face towards the trees mentioned earlier to find a chest with mana, simoleons and bronze. (I got a Tim figurine from this weed.) From there, go towards the archway and walk underneath of it to a small area. After you are done open the clam on the previously inaccessible ledge to get Mana, simoleons, and Amber.

If not then go back by the apple trees and mine some. Go over to the watermill up the stairs and enter construction mode. (Be by Barney s house.) You should see a treasure chest by the ramp that contains a new scroll, Garden Scroll, and some essences. Now each subcategory pertains to each interest: Cute, Domestic, Cooking, Fun and Nature. Place a bed, couch, 2 counter, bee picture, and a dresser for the domestic interest.

Sep 6, 2011. C The Forest of the Elves 6. A Exploration in the Forest 6. A Restoring the Forest 6. B Cutopia 7. A Exploration on the Island of Cute 7. A Can It Get Any Cuter? 7. B Preparing for the Date 7. C The Date 7. D Rescuing Violet 7. E Cutopia s New Set of Tasks 7. F Capital Island Again 8. A New Tasks 8.… continue reading »

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Jul 14, 2016. *The base game will still be 18+! The Fan disk is just additional mature content. Want more blood and violence? Just tick the extra option and I'll make sure those bad endings leave you scarred for life. Did you find Sentimental Trickster lacking in elves, aliens or zombies? Make sure the next game has.… continue reading »

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