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Point at the tree and press the B button and shake your Wii remote to shake the tree to make the apples fall down. And if people pull books out of bookcases, sometimes pencil essences will come out.) Now it is time to get 30 wood essences but you can also get some Apples essences. Enter construction mode and click on the animals and make them go in their red area. Click on it, then click on house basics, the medium base block and put it in the red area. When fishing, use your nuchuck to move the bobber toward the fish. It looks just a fish underwater so just keep trying to find it. (If not then drag it by pointing at the screen with the Wii remote.) Click on the crystal icon to exit construction mode or click the wand icon again or use the button. Do the same thing for the stuffed animals as you did the box. Instead of placing them, press the B button to delete them. After all the bushes are gone, point at the bottom part of the screen and the house symbol will appear. Go back to the fork and take the other route to reach the dock with the fishing pole. Walk up the ramp to find several more weeds and the bridge you built. If not then go back by the apple trees and mine some. Go over to the watermill up the stairs and enter construction mode. (Be by Barney s house.) You should see a treasure chest by the ramp that contains a new scroll, Garden Scroll, and some essences. Now each subcategory pertains to each interest: Cute, Domestic, Cooking, Fun and Nature. Place a bed, couch, 2 counter, bee picture, and a dresser for the domestic interest. You got a new scroll that requires 25 metal, which you should already have. When you are done exit treasure find mode and look toward the gate. You are done (also if you rather paint the house, paints also can have interests too.) Talk to Barney. Look up and you will see the last invitation on the left side of the castle. Then click on the box and it should automatically try to attach itself in the red area. Turn around and head back the way you came and in the distance you should see a weed with some blades of grass and three weird looking shrubs by the sea. Go left at the fork and at the top of this path are four weeds. Hop down below to find a clam near a weed by the ramp with silver, mana and simoleons. Do thing same thing you did with the pigs and lead the Mama Bear (who is right beside you) to her cub who is on the other side of the bridge.

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Verison 1.02 Added a rare flower section and listed locations in the main walkthrough thanks to Crazy S. Verison 1.03 Added the Flower house scroll thanks to [email protected]? This is my first walkthrough, so please no heavy criticism.

Some tasks cannot be completed until the certain interests are fulfilled. Essences are object found all over the islands that are used in magic scrolls. After fishing, head toward the fork but stop a little before the archway and look to your left and you will see another chest on the ledge. This chest is by a fountain and there is another weed behind the fountain.

In order to rotate the stuffed animals use the directional pad. Then click roofing, then peasant roof and place it on top of the block. Most objects in the catalogue have an interest trait attached to them. Look away from the castle and go to your right and climb the stairs. Enter construction mode and move the two wooden blocks into the blue areas to fix the bridge. Magic scrolls tell you which essences you need in order to be able to build a new object. Then when the bobber goes underwater, yank your Wii remote up to pull the fish out of the water. Same goes for Chef Watanabe Figurine which can also be found in this water.

These are more like side quests and are not required to finish the game. A] Differences between My Sims and My Sims Kingdom [B.

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If you have a location on any of these, you can send me an e-mail and I will add it to Walkthrough while giving you credit. Just click the icon Plant Tree when you are by the hole that was just created and select an apple to plant an apple tree and water it so it will grow back. If you keep chopping without water it will die but if you stomp the stump then dead wood essences will pop out. Turn your camera towards the right and you will see another one across the other side of the mud by three red yellow dotted mushrooms. Move your camera towards your right to see another one on the highest ledge. Tiny Sharks - Simoleons You now get King points for completing a task and if you earn enough points you get a level and a reward from the king. A] Exploration Before talking to Renee, let us explore a little. Go back down to the bottom of the steps and look right at the brown ledge. When it works, it sometimes drops organic essences. On the other end of that T pipe place a long pipe then a T pipe with one end facing the back and the other end facing the windmill.

Mar 29, 2012. Walkthrough part 27 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance ACT 1 ACT 2 ACT 3 ACT 4 ACT 5 Asgard Armor +50% Elemental Damage Resistance, +50%. When you're ready to leave, save your game at the S. H. I. E. L. D. Access Point and head to the Well of Helvelgamar, near the hall and marked on your mini-map.… continue reading »

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Dec 17, 2015. Feel free to head over to Curious and Curiouser on this blog if there's anything you wanna ask about this game. Romance Endings. Butler's Wife Sebastian's Ending. image. Intel 500. Charisma 300. Temperament 600. Morality 350. Emotion 300. 4th year Elf Valley x2 1st in Jan, 2nd in July 7.… continue reading »

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Play Naruto Dating Sim on FunnyGames.in! Play as Sakura and use your charms to make either Naruto, Sasuke or Rock Lee fall in love with you! Visit various locations from the series, meet new characters and decide your activities for the day. Who will become your boyfriend?… continue reading »

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Play as the dark elf Amber in a dating/crafting simulation in a dark/gothic world. Amber, a dark elf, was abandoned as baby in the woods south of Icesilia. She was found and. The game features 4 different endings for each love interest, with some dark events/scenes never seen before in a Winterwolves' game. Play the.… continue reading »

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