Eunji and seo in guk dating

13-May-2017 03:47

Seo In Guk called Jung Eun Ji and asked, “Where are you? If you’re done, let’s meet up,” but Jung Eun Ji answered, “No, I don’t have any makeup on right now.

Seo In Guk and A Pink's Eunji burned with chemistry on their hit drama 'Reply 1997' but unfortunately, their love line only exists in the land of K-dramas.

During the premiere of MBC's 'I Live By Myself', Seo In Guk revealed his reaction to the reoccurring rumors about himself and Eunji being a real-life couple.

When the topic of rumors came up in the show, Seo In Guk was asked about his dating scandal with Eunji.

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But life got a lot more comfortable after deleting it." "To be truthful, I don't really concern myself too much about the scandals and rumors.When the scandal first broke out, I was actually happy. When I acted with her, I felt like I wanted to look good for viewers. I was so tired because I realized dating rumors go on for a while. Hope his military end up fast cause I'm already miss him now :'( Seo In Guk is just an extremely amazing singer-actor. I dont want you to postpone military service you, the sooner you implement the sooner you get it done.