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There were, however, other ways of accumulating precious metals besides collecting it in coined form.

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One much-favoured explanation is military, but it must be said straightaway that the specific evidence for support of Cypselus by a newly emergent military class is virtually nonexistent.As the Greek world expanded its mental and financial horizons, other Corinthian families grew envious.The result was the first firmly datable and well-authenticated Greek tyranny, or one-man rule by a usurper.General detestation for the Bacchiadae, however, is clear from an oracle preserved by Herodotus that “predicts” that Cypselus will bring , or justice, to Corinth after the rule of the power-monopolizing Bacchiadae.

No doubt this oracle was fabricated after the event, but it is interesting as showing that nobody regretted the passing of the Bacchiadae.The background to military change, a change whose reality is undoubted, needs a word.Aristocratic warfare, as described in the Homeric epics, puts much emphasis on individual prowess.Still, a change in methods of fighting undoubtedly occurred in the course of the 7th century.

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