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07-Jun-2017 23:33

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Many people have misconceptions about Kuwait and think it is as conservative and restrictive as Saudi. Some people think it is more liberal like Dubai and that there are nightclubs and alcohol and live music available as entertainment. Some people think Kuwait is a city and Dubai is a country! Others think Kuwait is a barren desert (it is) where people still live in tents and that teachers like myself live in some sort of hostel type place while making boatloads of money wearing a burka to work. As an expat, I don’t pay utility bills, so this doesn’t affect me, right? I’m not much of a shopper, but shopping is definitely a favorite pastime of local people here and some expats as well.

I will attempt to explain, but sometimes there are just no words to explain some of the things I see/hear/experience here. I waited quite a while before one of the women came to help me, and she had no idea how much it cost to mail a postcard. They are hand delivered by mandoobs (gophers, couriers), thus contributing to a horrible traffic problem. They belong to groups like American Women’s League or book clubs. Many help with volunteer organizations which offer assistance to animals and humans alike.

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And in case you haven’t figured it out, all this driving around leads to a horrible traffic problem.You wont have any problems, in fact the only problems I can assure you off is how cheesy the blokes can actually be..Enjoy Leeds united forever Andy Our award-winning expatriate business provides health benefits to more than 650,000 members worldwide.Hot weather, an international expat community and top-class shopping and dining are on offer.

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