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Expats are attracted to this country because o more ... Walid Abdul-Hamid, Consultant Psychiatrist And Clinical Director, Priory Dubai [b]Dr.Abdul-Hamid, you're a trauma psychiatrist and clinical director of Priory in Dubai.I have, however, had several requests to post pictures of Kuwait online and they get more views than just about any other pictures I post. People go to work, shopping, running errands, paying bills. I dared to go inside one once when I first moved here to mail some Kuwaiti postcards. Of course people are here with their families or even start families here. I’m not really one to join clubs as I don’t have much of a group mentality, but I have other ways of keeping busy. I spend a lot of time in the gym, like a lot of other single people here.This makes me think there are people out there who are actually curious about expat life in Kuwait, especially for a single woman. One difference is most bills can be paid online, but my students tell me not many people actually do this, so people drive to the utility companies, find out from them how much they owe because paper bills aren’t mailed, and pay what they owe in cash. That’s a real benefit, because I also spend a lot of time eating chocolate and ice cream.Why Are Expats In The UAE Struggling To Save Money?The UAE has for a long time been considered a major player in the world in tourism as well as business.Hot weather, an international expat community and top-class shopping and dining are on offer.Travel deeper into the UAE to discover magnificent sand dunes.

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Hi I absolutely Guaratee a reaction if when in a bar you introduce yourself as sweethoneybums!!!

There were about six men, all having tea, and three women sitting at cubicles.

An Expat Guide To Working In The UAE. The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, occupies a central location in the Middle East, and has people from over 150 nationalities living within its borders.… continue reading »

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Ok on a serious note - how should one go about meeting single men in Dubai. There seems to be no internet dating sites or anything like a singles event! Any SERIOUS advice welcome!… continue reading »

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