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13-Nov-2017 03:41

The skills she had gained were very appreciated by her bosses and coworkers but they didn't get her where she wanted to go in her love life. So she quit trying, and the negative spiral kept on spinning...

They couldn't help her create attraction, emotional closeness or a flirtatious vibe on a date. So every endeavor in her work life turned out well, but when she tried going on dates, connecting with someone she was interested in or just wanted to flirt a little bit, she kept failing. Like anyone would in her situation, she focused more and more on the part of her where she felt in control, appreciated and successful; her job, while neglecting the part that felt hard, confusing, scary and hurt her every time she tried; her love life. This worked for a while; being busy at work did distract her most of the time.

Once upon a time, there was a very successful single woman. How come someone who's such a great person to be around, and who's accomplished so much in her life seems to think that it's easier to run an empire than to attract a good partner?

The amazing, radiant, smart, funny and awesome woman, who's kind, conscious and successful. She is one of the most fantastic women you know (or people keep telling you that you are), but she stays single, against her will.

But her big, beautiful, warm, loving and longing heart never left her alone.

No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, it kept reminding her of her (very human) longing for love and connection.

Maybe the love she wanted was not something that was available to her, she thought.

It was perhaps not the easiest thing she ever did, but it was for sure the most meaningful and rewarding thing she ever did.