Female ghana dating scam

23-Sep-2017 22:10

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Modus Operandi Online dating scammers always create false personal profiles and make contact with their victims via an online dating agency or a specialized chat room.

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I am a lonely man from Germany and so searched for a soul mate at the website “ I like the African women so this seemed the right site to me.The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. Did they ask you for some money to come over to you? If your answer to any two of these questions is “Yes” then you might be dealing with an online scammer.It will not come as a surprise to most of us here but none the less it is a good article written by a Ghanaian newspaper who assist the police in the arrest of 4 scammers The full article and comments can be viewed here ... ADM decided to follow through a complaint sent in by a love sick man in the UK who said he had been fooled into sending cash to a lady he fell in love with on the Internet, Following the scent he provided, ADM investigations led to a ring of young men and women in Ghana, who create false profiles on dating sites to defraud unsuspecting single men looking for love from overseas.The scammer will surely ask for your money, though this will not happen immediately – however, before long the scammer will ask for financial help for any number of reasons.