Fetching of data from database while updating data

19-Aug-2017 21:45

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This is detailed in the topic "Fetching Inventory Data using Userclass". Gathering Inventory Input Based on Managed Object Match Criteria (MOInput) This tag is used to fetch the inventory data from the inventory database, matching a specified managed object or its properties.The The above example takes the managed object names as command line input, fetches the values from the database, and populates the template.When a valid MOName is given as an input, the provisioning server fetches the ip Address for the specified MO and substitutes the value for the MOField.

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Hence, you need to ensure that the handle Name is not identical in the same template.

For example, while specifying the MOInput with id="2" which uses the input got from MOInput with id="1", the XML can be defined like the one given below.

HI, We have oracle linked server created on one of the sql server 2008 standard , we are fetching data from oracle and updating some records in sql server . Oracle" for linked server " How are you doing the UPDATE?

If the database query fails or if the value cannot be retrieved, then the output template will be populated with the default value defined in the tag can use the placeholders, "Template Param" and the previously defined "Inventory Input".

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The "id" of the MOInput forms the key for identifying the inventory input.

To fetch the inventory data from Network Inventory objects, matching a specified Network Inventory object or its properties.

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