Foursquare for facebook not updating

14-May-2017 21:11

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You may even have separated them into a Friends List of “real” friends — the people you hang out with on a regular basis.And that’s why Facebook has already won the battle.But right now it revolves around leaving ‘tips’ about the locations you visit. When I look through the tips of various restaurants they’re usually filled with things like “try the chicken noodle soup”.These are occasionally helpful, but they lack context.and we use game mechanics to tie that all together.” First, let’s look at Foursquare the game.Whenever you check in on Foursquare, you’re rewarded with points and (sometimes) badges with clever names.It costs you a few characters, but it accomplishes your goal.

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During our Realtime Crunch Up, Foursquare VP of Business Development Tristan Walker described Foursquare as a company that “makes things that make cities easier to use.These are fun initially, because you can easily compete with your friends for bragging rights.But while these game elements are a good way to entice users, they’re ultimately just a gimmick.But all this time I’ve had a nagging feeling that Foursquare, at least in its current form, is not going to be the next Twitter, as some people have concluded.

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Because as good as Foursquare is at figuring out where and what your friends are up to, they can’t hope to compete with Facebook. While the world’s largest social network has been almost totally silent with regard to its plans for geolocation, we’ve been hearing an increasing number of rumors about Facebook finally coming close to launching these features.In two year’s time, will any of these people seriously care about how many checkins they have? Certainly not enough to motivate them to check in every time they enter an establishment.If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a lifelong gamer, it’s that even the most engaging, addictive games out there get tired after a while.This leads me to having 2 updates on Facebook for each Foursquare check-in.