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:熱形-(形)thermionic voltmeter :真空管電圧計thermister :サーミスタthermister thermometer :サーミスタ温度計thermo-ammeter :熱電電流計thermo-balance :熱てんびんthermo-color :サーモカラーthermo-colour :サーモカラーthermocouple :熱電対thermocouple vacuum gage :熱電対真空計thermocouple vacuum gauge :熱電対真空計thermodynamic temperature scale :熱力学温度目盛thermoelectric power :熱電能thermoelectric series :熱電列thermoelectric thermometer :熱電温度計thermoelectric type...

:熱電形-(形)thermoelectric well :熱電対さやthermoelectromotive force :熱起電力thermometer :温度計thermopile :熱電対列thermostat :サーモスタットthermostatic chamber :恒温そうthickness gage :すきまゲージthickness gauge :すきまゲージthimble chamber :指頭形電離箱thimble ionization chamber :指頭形電離箱three address :3アドレスthree dimensional roughness :三次元あらさthree lead wire method :三線式threshold :しきい値threshold voltage :しきい電圧【GM計数管の】throat taps :スロートタップtilting manometer :可変傾斜管圧力計tilting tube :傾斜管time :時間time base :時間軸time constant :時定数time division multiplier :時分割掛け算器time interval :時限【需要計の】time limit :時限【需要計の】time of flight analyzer :飛行時間分析器time period :時限【需要計の】time rerlay :定時継電器time switch :タイムスイッチtime-lag :遅れtime-lagged type...

Teresa Allen is owner of Common Sense Solutions, a national training and consulting firm focused on bringing common sense solutions to business and life. Participants enjoy her down-to-earth and dynamic presentation style combined with critical and easily implemented success strategies.

A two-time recipient of the ASTD Professional Trainer of the Year Award, Teresa is author of “Common Sense Service: Close Encounters on the Front Lines” and is co-author of “The Service Path: Your Roadmap for Building Strong Customer Loyalty.” Teresa has presented her highly acclaimed programs on customer service and communication for businesses and associations across the U.

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:移動磁界形-(形)shock tester :衝撃試験機【計器などの】short lever :短機【台ばかりの】short ton :米トン【質量の単位】shunt :分流器sign changer :正負変換器sign position :正負のけたsignal :信号signal generator :信号発生器signal level :信号レベルsignal tracer :信号トレーサsignal winding :制御巻線significant figurers :有効数字silver point :銀点simulator :シミュレータsingle address :1アドレスsingle capacity lag :一次遅れsingle electrode potential :単極電位single-channel pulse-height analyzer :シングルチャネル波高分析器single-speed floating action :単速度動作siphon :サイホンslide rheostat :すべり抵抗器【ブリッジの】slide wire :すべり線sliding poise :送りおもりslip gauge :ブロックゲージslit :スリットslit breadth :スリット幅slit width :スリット幅slow chamber :遅い電離箱slow ionization chamber :遅い電離箱slow type analog computer :低速度アナログ計算機smoke-density meter :煙濃度計snap gage :はさみゲージsnap gauge :はさみゲージsnow gage :雪量計snow gauge :雪量計solid state detector :固体検出器【放射能の】sorting :分類sorting scale :選別ばかりsound intensity :音の強さsound level meter :騒音計sound particle velocity :粒子速度【音の】sound pressure :音圧source voltage :電源電圧span :スパンspan of instrumental error :極差spark detector :スパーク検出器sparking voltage :火花電圧spear pointer :やり形指針specific acoustic impedance :単位面積音響インピーダンスspecific gravity :比重specific gravity balance :比重てんびんspecific gravity meter :比重計specific heat :比熱specific humidity :比湿specific ionization :比電離specific weight :単位体積当りの重さspectral analysis :分光分析spectral density :スペクトル密度spectral emissivity :スペクトル放射率spectral radiance :スペクトル放射輝度spectral radiance energy :スペクトル放射エネルギーspectral sensitivity :スペクトル感度spectral transmittance :スペクトル透過率spectrochemical analysis :分光分析spectrogram :分光写真spectrograph :分光写真器spectrometer :分光計spectrophotometer :分光光度計spectroscope :分光器spectroscopicanalysis :分光分析spectrum :スペクトルspeed :速さspeed meter :速さ計speed of light :光の速さspeed of response :応答速度speedometer :速さ計spherical aberration :球面収差spherical bearing :球面軸受sphygmomanometer :血圧計spiral :うずまき線spiral Bourdon-tube :うずまきブルドン管spiral spring :ぜんまいspirometer :肺活量計spring balance :ばねばかりspring balanced...

:全面接続形-(形)fuel flow indicator :燃料流量指示計fuel level gage :燃料油面計fuel level gauge :燃料油面計fuel mixture indicator :混合比計fuel pressure indicator :燃料圧力計fuel quantity gage :燃料油量計fuel quantity gauge :燃料油量計fuel-air ratio indicator :混合比計full radiator temperature【Eng.】 :"黒体温度,完全放射体温度"full radiator【Eng.】 :"黒体,完全放射体"full scale value :全目盛値function generator :関数発生器function potentiometer :関数ポテンショメータfundamental tolerance :基本公差fundamental unit :基本単位gage :"計器,ゲージ"gage block :ブロックゲージgage glass :ゲージガラスgage length :"ゲージ長,標点距離"gage mark :標点gage pressure :"ゲージ圧,ゲージ圧力"gain :ゲインgain constant :ゲイン定数gain crossover frequency :ゲイン交点gain margin :ゲイン余裕gal :ガル【加速度の単位】gallon :ガロン【体積の単位】galvanometer :検流計galvanometer constant :検流計定数gamma :ガンマ【質量の単位】gammma :ガンマ【磁束密度の単位】gap gage :ギャップゲージgap gauge :ギャップゲージgas amplification :気体増幅gas amplification factor :気体増幅率gas analysis by absorption method :吸収分析gas analyzer :ガス分析器gas aspirator :ガス吸引器gas buret :ガスビュレットgas calorimeter :ガス熱量計gas chromatograph :ガスクロマトグラフgas constant :ガス定数gas expansion thermometer :気体膨張温度計gas flow counter :ガスフロー計数管gas flow counter tube :ガスフロー計数管gas flowmeter :ガス流量計gas holder :ガスホルダgas monitor :ガスモニタgas multification :気体増幅gas sampler :ガスサンプラgas sampling :ガス採集gas thermometer :気体温度計gas washer :ガス洗浄器gas-filled thermometer :気体封入金属温度計gasometer :ガスホルダgate :ゲートgauge :"計器,ゲージ"gauge glass :ゲージガラスgauge length :"ゲージ長,標点距離"gauge mark :標点gauge pressure :"ゲージ圧,ゲージ圧力"gear :伝動装置gear ratio :歯数比gearing :伝動装置gilbert :ギルバート【起磁力・磁位の単位】glass dosimeter :ガラス線量計glass electrode :ガラス電極gloss meter :光沢度計go gage :通りゲージgo gauge :通りゲージgold point :金点graduated measuring cylinder :メスシリンダgraduation :目盛graduation line :目盛線grain :グレーン【質量の単位】graphic analysis :図式解析graphic panel :図示パネルgrating :格子gravitational acceleration :重力の加速度gravity control :おもり制御graybody【Amer.】 :灰色体gred ionization chamber :格子付電離箱gredded ionization chamber :格子付電離箱ground resistance :大地抵抗grounding device :接地装置grounding terminal :接地端子guard ring :保護環gyro :"ジャイロ,ジャイロスコープ"gyro-magnetic compass :ジャイロ磁気コンパスgyroscope :"ジャイロ,ジャイロスコープ"haemacytometer :血球計hair hygrometer :毛髪湿度計hair spring :ひげぜんまいhalf load :半負荷half-adder :半加算器half-thickness :半価層half-value layer :半価層half-value thickness :半価層halogen counter :ハロゲン計数管halogen counter tube :ハロゲン計数管hand-operated scale :手動ばかりhardness tester :かたさ試験機harmonic analyzer :調波分析器health physics :保健物理heat capacity :熱容量heat flow rate :熱流heat transfer coefficient :熱伝達係数heat-conductivity type...

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