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For this activity, you'll want to print out copies of the list of values and hand them out to everyone in the group, along with pens or the easiest game to play on this list, and it has the unique distinction of being able to teach you things about anyone, even people you've known for years.

When I play this game with my wife—which we do all the time—I always hear myself say, "I never knew that about you!

Others say things like "a barrel of penicillin" but, don't forget, you don't have any friends or a place to live.

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A web chat is a special system or service that allows real time communication for users that use easy-to-access web interfaces.The way it works is that someone picks a word at random.We did this activity last New Year's Eve, and it was a big hit.One little "extra" we added was asking everyone to shout out guesses at each person's core values before they read them out loud.