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27-Nov-2017 19:19

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Ii such a box has a foam lining it pretty much disables sound too.Both those materials are cheap and widely available.And set of emails voluntarily stored by you on "cloud" provider (is not this stupid ?

Putting a cell phone into a metal and metal mesh box completely disables the communication with the tower.In one such profile case -- Podesta emails leak John Podesta even failed to purchase key for two factor authentication for Gmail.Podesta also made a very common and stupid mistake -- clicking on the links in email, especially emails with security alerts is really reckless.Moreover the collection of email in your Inbox and your email address book are a more valuable set of information than any single email and tells much more about you that any intercepted email can.

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Just the set of headers (and your address book) constitute something much more dangerous then a single email.

To say nothing that due to ubiquity of electronic communications all your life is watched anyway, as if East Germany STASI now became a universal world-wide phenomenon.