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20-Sep-2017 07:37

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Youthful arrogance is the yellow brick road to spinsterhood.-------------Comments This is an attention seeking author desperately seeking attention! The great news is no one will force you to marry who you don't to. @Zva, thank u for labelling this monster appropriately, such a nerve. The divorce rate in Zimbabwe for people who m in their early 20s is shocking because the regret is so high.

Quote WILL GET MARRIED WHEN I WANT..." No force, and the older, the bette: anyway,the available men beyond that are widowers and divorcees, so what fuss??????? Many young couples realise their thirties that they made a terrible mistake....

You are watching somebody shake a hornets nest, then getting stung as he runs away unscathed.

You see someone chug a beer, then drink the bitter teaspoon of ass beer at the bottom of the can.

Hapana asingachembere and hapana asir Get over your issues nevakadzi vamuinawo in your lives and musaratidze z venting on social media, sies man.

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The problem with us Zimbabwean men we believe women are objects or acce from it. Why didn't you measure men using the Please come to western world then you know how far you are lost.The only 1 makes you have all that stupid mind is household income. You leave her and she will have far better life that she had with you without their women are so valueless kutoita sedzisisimo.My first experience with liberal girls was so mind opening.I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a woman who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me.

If you meet your wife when she's older than around 23 or 24: You are eating someone else's cold leftovers, then doing their dishes.You are letting someone eat all the creme filling from a box of Oreos, then pay full price for the bland chocolate wafers.A girl who refuses to get married young is offering a raw deal.An article titled 'WHY YOU MUST NOT MARRY ANY ZIMBABWE WOMAN WHO IS OLDER THAN 25' has caused some consternation online with people lashing at the author of the article. Some commentators said the author is desperately seeking attention.