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06-Feb-2018 09:55

Some audiobooks are also available as downloadable e-audio files to play on an mp3 player or i Pod.

Author Person or corporate body responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of a book.

Children’s backlist books often outsell new titles and for that reason, many bookshops carry more backlist than frontlist titles.

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Advances are paid against future earnings (royalties), which means the author doesn’t receive further royalty payments until the advance has been earned out. Preserves all features of Illustrator files, and usually saves faster and is smaller than an equivalent EPS file, but cannot be imported into Quark layouts. Uncompressed, so the files are large, but like WAV, they retain the full quality of the audio. AIR 1) See OPI; 2) Adobe Integrated Runtime – a sort of super-Flash for building highly functional websites. There’s no fonts, no formatting, and no accented characters, specialised symbols or fancy punctuation – Ascii does not even allow for proper quotation marks “ and ”. Each asset has a value, recorded in the general ledger, and the value decreases as they get older (this reduction in value is ‘depreciation’); 2) See digital asset management. Asterism Character looking like three asterisks, often arranged in a triangle like this: ⁂ (your browser may not show this character properly).

Advance copies (Advances) Early finished copies of a book, arriving before the main print run and often used for publicity purposes, reviews . Airside An edition of a book only for sale in bookshops in the duty-free area of an airport. Asterisk The * character, occasionally also called ‘star’. Usually used to indicate the presence of a text break.

Click File on the Outlook Ribbon, then click the Account Settings button Click Download Address Book. UncheckDownload changes since last Send/Receiveand click OK.… continue reading »

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Please be advised the BlackBerry Support Community Device Forums have closed and the BlackBerry Developer Support Forums have moved.… continue reading »

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Global Address List Display Name. contacts in the Global Address List do not have a. Android and BlackBerry do not show the display name in the address book.… continue reading »

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For Users where Outlook is in Cache mode, They got to have their Outlook Address book when they are offline. If Outlook is left running constantly in Cached Exchange.… continue reading »

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Changes made to accounts or lists and not being seen in the global address list on the. that the GAL is updating. Offline Address Book errors after.… continue reading »

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