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23-Oct-2017 00:44

Also an award-winning singer, Sebastian opened up with the Herald Sun that his near breakup with his wife, Jules, was the inspiration for his single, “Jules was actually like, ‘we’ve got a history and you’re just having a down moment, let’s just push through it’.

Jules was just straight up and said, ‘you’re an idiot’.

Speaking to Be, the 36-year-old compared the US songstress to a 'wax model'.'It's like perfect, no pores, nothing.

She must not sweat or anything, she has no pores - just so photoshopped.' And it's not the first time the star has reminisced about his day with Queen Bee.

And despite being one of Australia's top celebrities, Guy was not exempt from engaging in small talk with the hitmaker.

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Speaking to Yahoo, Jules admitted that despite always enjoying healthy 'alone time' Guy's chiselled form had 'enhanced' the experience.'Look, we are always great in the bedroom, it's definitely enhanced,' she told the publication.

He also enlisted some of the problems because of which his lady love left him.

Explaining the scenario, Guy said that he kept music and sports over his relationship.

During a chat with KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday, the singer admitted that Jules once left him for his bad behaviour. I didn't believe in opening doors...' Guy added, admitting it wasn't until they split up that he realised he was in the wrong.'It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche,' he explained.

Guy and Jules began dating as teenagers in 1999, before becoming engaged in late 2007.The first winner of , Guy Sebastian, got married to his teenage sweetheart, Jules Egan, back in 17th May 2008.Four years after being bound in a marital relationship, they welcomed their first son, Hudson, in March 2012.He's the Australian singer who's worked with many high-profile artists around the world.