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She grew excited about the possibility that Berry’s manager could take her under his wing and lead her to similar fame.After the phone call, Lamison started to recite a poem she had written.The women say that the alleged harassment and unwanted sexual advances took place over the course of two decades.They allege that Cirrincione took advantage of young, vulnerable women eager to make it in an industry that is very difficult for non-white women to break in to.Vincent Cirrincione (left), a white Hollywood manager who has helped a number of minority women like Halle Berry (right) and Taraji P.The photo above was taken in 2005 Berry released another statement on Instagram late Friday saying she was 'livid' that her former manager allegedly 'used' her to 'lure and manipulate innocent vulnerable women of color for his predatory actions'The accusations, which were made by eight African Americans and one Asian American, were reported by The Washington Post.Cirrincione responded to the allegations by releasing a statement.

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Cirrincione put the phone on speaker and Lamison listened to the conversation.

Halle Berry was 'livid' on Friday over allegations that her former manager used her name to 'lure and manipulate innocent vulnerable women of color for his predatory actions'.

Vincent Cirrincione, 70, a white Hollywood agent who has helped a number of minority women like Berry and Taraji P.

'I’ve never had any issue with this on any level,' Henson said Nonetheless, she told colleagues about her encounter at the time it took place.

Six of the accusers said that as a result of their experiences with Cirrincione, they either abandoned their acting careers or took extended breaks from the business.They said the manager destroyed their self-confidence and sense of self-worth.Cirrincione is said to have tried to persuade many women to become his client by pointing to his track record with stars like Berry and Taraji P. One accuser said he told her that she reminded him of Berry when she started out.‘Of course that was like your dream to have Halle Berry’s manager say, “Oh, my God, you remind me of Halle”,’ said the woman.I support this movement wholeheartedly,’ Cirrincione said in a statement.‘I have had female clients and employees my entire career in this industry.‘I have built a reputation for advancing the careers of women of color.‘I have had affairs while in committed relationships, ones I am now ashamed to say are coming to light and shading my past and my reputation.‘I can say without a doubt that I have never used favors, sexual or otherwise, as a reason for managing anyone.