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If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps.Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.those are 2 questions I like to get out of the way first Me - 3 mins later: You sure did lol Girl - 1 min later: Great. Girl: Yes chino, im at home looking crummier than a biscuit. But send me your shower pix after finishing working out... Girl: I never had sex with a chino Girl - 2 mins later: Asian Girl: What were you talking about? Me: Yea Girl - 1 min later: Not bad at all your quick like the wind Me: My record is 7.25 in an hr Girl - 1 min later: Your miles I has got to be 8 minutes or less? "Girl: She ended up hitting a tree to avoid hitting the person driving in front of her and died on impact"... " While I respect his dedication to the cause, that, to me, is the most fucked up part.I wanna start off my morning right lol Girl - 2 mins later: :)) you're funny Me - 7 hrs 3 mins later: I thought we agree you would send your sower pix Girl - 2 hrs 5 mins later: We is the wrong people Girl - 10 hrs 18 mins later: Its been boring as fuck Girl - 9 mins later: I've been home all day. I've been making spread sheets for the nutritional info for the ingredients and protein bars I made Girl - 3 mins later: Not until this weekend Girl - 5 mins later: Where you live? Girl - 4 mins later: I have selective memory Girl - 1 min later: Straight asshole. Girl - 22 mins later: I use it as a term of endearment, not an insult Me - 34 mins later: Come down here tmrw, I wanna taste your homemade protein bar Girl - 2 mins later: The chocolate ones are dry as shit Me: Bring me the less dry ones then lol Girl: And the pumpkin ones don't have enough stevia :/ Me: Hmm, that still better than being adey Me: Dry* Girl - 1 hr 9 mins later: They're alright, just dense Me - 2 mins later: I want it Girl - 8 mins later: Haha Girl - 16 hrs 49 mins later: Im getting ready to ride my bike Girl - 3 mins later: Ping!! Bicycle Girl - 1 min later: I ride for diatance Girl - 10 mins later: For exercise best of an hour or 15 miles. Its a 55mile round trip Girl: Downtown Jax *** Girl - 2 mins later: This is the kind of shit I do out of boredom usually :/ Girl - 2 mins later: Yup. Me: Around 8 I think Me: Ur pretty good at math I see Girl - 1 min later: I know and I'm not even asian! 25 miles in 1 hour 49 seconds Me: Not bad I say Me - 2 mins later: I'm off half day tmrw, come hang out with me Girl - 1 min later: Correction. You fucked up by not capitalizing on an easy meet up and lay. It goes from sex, to kid dieing in a car crash, right back to wanting to see the naked pics...Another big issue is he explores conversational threads that aren't beneficial to his cause. He should've changed the subject immediately when she said the tattoo was about her older sister.

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She left a little girl behind Me: Who looking after the lil one now?

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