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She was a young redhead with a 2 year old girl, married to a Staff Sergeant.

He was deployed to Bahrain for Operation Desert Shield.

I looked directly at his cock and then went straight to my room. I even got him to lick my dildo clean and damn he sucked it good!

One night, I was out with the girls having some drinks, when this big black man came up to me.

His father even began to notice how large our son’s cock was he knew his wife would sooner or later cuckold him. My Cuckold Surprise My boyfriend, Alex, and I had always been pretty kinky.

When Matt, my son turned 17 I ran into him on his way from the shower to his room. I was blushing so hard knowing that his cock was rubbing against my leg has he braced me from falling. We would tell each other all of our fantasies and even role play them out together during sex. The more we role played it, the hotter the fantasy became for me too!

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After a few drinks, some talking and LOTS of flirting, I decided to bring up my cuckold fantasy. As each passing day, you build up more and more sexual tension. Unable to release until she is satisfied that you have learned your lesson - or that you have graduated to a new level of submission.I know you want a piece of my sexy pink pussy so badly, but do you know what's even better than my pretty little twat?My pretty, pink little twat full of oozing, wet, creamy cum just spilling out of it onto your pathetic face that's what!I met her out drinking at Big Daddy’s in Havelock and ...

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more I got a message from a woman, let’s call her Sharon, on another website.

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