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09-Jun-2017 14:18

I remember that happening, but when it happened I wasn’t so sure what it meant.

But now that you explain it I understand what you’re trying to say and what your point is.” So that’s the purpose of what I’m going to do when I talk about the state’s case.

So this is something that we want to use to assist you in that regard.

And then finally I will have my last remarks that I think are something that are points that I think you should also consider before we sit down.

My presentation will be a little bit longer than Mr.

And the presentation wasn’t as fine as both sides would have liked it to have been.

They didn’t come right out the gate and show you the evidence.

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And while it was a very common accident what made it unique, what made it different is not what happened but who it happened to.

Sometimes it didn’t come out with as much cohesiveness.