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03-Feb-2017 05:03

All it means is that you’re interjecting yourself into other people’s conversations and demanding their pain be about you.

So, it turns out that privilege gets used perfectly reasonably.

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Or An Open Letter To The Sexists Who Think Female Privilege Is A Thing.There are as many totally innocuous and unobjectionable definitions of “privilege” as there are people in the social justice movement, but they generally share something in common – take them at face value, and the possibility of women sometimes showing privilege toward men is so obvious as to not be worth mentioning.Yet if anyone mentions it in real life, they are likely to have earned themselves a link to an Explanatory Article. The closest analogy I can think of is those religious people who say “God is just another word for the order and beauty in the Universe” – and then later pray to God to smite their enemies.

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The online dating community is no different than any other fraternity or social group. Before you enter this world it is expected that you do your homework and know proper online etiquette and behavior.… continue reading »

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