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26-Jan-2018 14:59

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More sophisticated organizations have reference management systems that track reference activities and seek to balance requests, so references are not overwhelmed with calls.

This is a nice step, but does not address the core problem.

This was very surprising to me given the long history of “I need references” as part of buying processes.

Additionally, case studies continue to rank as one of the top 2 most valued content types. I think it is probably a few of things: Viewed in combination, it all boils down to trust.

It is typically a difficult responsibility to own, since authority is often limited and the marketing group that handles references can’t get sales insights or visibility into service issues.

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The flood stage can be listed for an entire community, in which case it is often set to the lowest man-made structure or road in the area, the lowest farming field in the area, or the floodplain.Usually, Moderate and Major stages are not defined for areal floodplains.Flood stage is the water level, as read by a stream gauge or tide gauge, for a body of water at a particular location, measured from the level at which a body of water threatens lives, property, commerce, or travel.Often, the story that comes back is “the time is not right”, “I have a big deal working”, “we have a service issues”, or something similar.

Some organizations have looked to shift this behavior by making reference activities part of their standard contract (language that is often negotiated out early in the deal discussions).

And providers are usually starting from a weak, un-trusted position.

Feb 3, 2015. As I mentioned in my last post, sales arranged reference calls or site visits were ranked by the technology buyers we surveyed at the bottom of most influential sales interactions. This was very surprising to me given the long history of “I need references” as part of buying processes. Additionally, case studies.… continue reading »

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Surface was only inundated 10–12 times a month. Observations of. Piermont Marsh is an ideal reference site for study of the local tidal. Site description. Piermont Marsh is located approximately 40 km north of New York City along the western bank of the. Hudson River Fig. 1 with a total surface area of approximately.… continue reading »

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PAGE 1. PSI 11/2015 – AI 08/2015. ISSUE DATE. 25/03/2015. CONTENTS. Section. Subject. For reference by 1. Executive Summary. Background. Updates. Purpose. Desired Outcomes. four persons fitted with inundation points, must have a sufficient number of RPE sets readily available for immediate use in the event.… continue reading »

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Page 1. Description. This information includes Hurricane Surge Inundation areas for category 1 through 4 hurricanes striking the coast of Connecticut with a peak hurricane surge arriving at high mean water. accuracy is approximately +/- 3 feet. When displayed in the background for reference, the river, stream, lake and.… continue reading »

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