Invalidating someones truth

15-Dec-2017 01:59

However, rational people will actually say, "Christians are hypocrites and therefore what they are saying must be false.Therefore, there is no God." That is an error in logic called a non sequitur.We need to recognise that the idea of “personality disorders” is one that can distract us from the real questions that we need to ask to understand why someone is suffering, and what we can do to help. What does that say about our society, and our ideas of what men and women are supposed to be like? Why are relationships difficult, and what early experiences have set up such damaging ways of relating? For an overwhelming majority of patients, the difficulties which are labelled as “personality disorders” are a result of trauma.These traumas may be glaringly obvious ones such as childhood sexual abuse or bullying, or less immediately evident experiences such as having been raised in an environment where one was expected to live out the dreams and aspirations of a parent, or manage the emotional temperature of a family at the expense of developing one’s own separate pathway and secure sense of self.In the 90s, Winona Ryder’s character in bought the idea to a whole new audience.Throughout subsequent decades, up until today, numerous celebrities who have not fitted contemporary ideas of how women should behave have been slurred with the idea that they might have BPD.They derive from a time when personalities were more stable because people’s lives were more closely tied to the social bonds of a given local community, and when conformity was privileged.

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Accordingly, all the subtypes of “personality disorder” will pretty much definitely be dumped in the forthcoming version of the ICD – the diagnostic bible we use in Europe.

Enter most personality disorder services as a patient today and one would think one has an affliction for life, despite robust evidence that more than 50 per cent of people diagnosed with BPD, for example, no longer meet the criteria after five years.

Being super messed up and at times destructive for a few years is a passing stage for many of us in early adulthood.

What Christians are most often heard saying is this, "You ought not to sin." And this means different things depending on to whom it's directed.

What an atheist thinks he hears is this: "You are a bad person unlike me who is a good person." If this was what was truly said then hypocrite is a worthy label.Let’s reject the ideology of “personality disorder” and, instead further cultivate a culture that celebrates difference, and that proffers frameworks of understanding significant distress that do not redouble trauma. Let's say I was standing in front of you smoking a cigarette and said, "Smoking is bad for you!It is an inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence; a statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it. If a Christian says to you, "You should be like me; a perfect person who does no wrong." Then yes, that Christian is a hypocrite.

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