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18-Mar-2017 07:56

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I hope one day she gets better, i really like her, she seems like a nice person and she doesn't deserve to live a sad life. Good morning chip I am glad to see your cam is still up and working. The sex is fairly typical and highlighted by the general cuteness of women from Korea and their passion between the sheets. Thousands of delicious tube Ass Porn videos, Mobile Porn movies and XXX Pics updated daily.This is stupid if tgis has been going on for 12yrs don't you think she could get out tgis chip in her leg isnt right no way to sit here and watch this girl.sleeo for 20 hrs I have better things to do... We can't help her in real life unfortunately, but here in Internet we at least will try to find information if she alive or not! I am happy to see her web cam is back up and running again.. Unfortunately our kind words can't reach her and can't help her.

so I am happy I can at least see her.know she is ok.I pray with all my heart that SOME DAY SOME WAY some body there who knows her besides the police who just know about her will step in go to her and try and help her so she can finally be breaks my heart to always come here and see her in bed sleeping.sad for her to sleep her life away.... if only you knew how many people are worried about you and care about you and are very concerned for your well being you would be so happy and surprised I know you would.care of yourself sweetheart stay safe and stay well. Too bad her webcam is down and last stream on her Youtube channel was 2 weeks ago.Look weather and sights in South Korea now via web cameras.Korean porn comes to us from the southern half of the divided nation and offers a mixture of professional productions and amateurs sharing their sex lives. Listing and featuring live streaming Korea cameras as well as fast refreshing webcams around Korea in Asia.

Enjoy viewing the best selection of live web cams operating in South Korea and North Korea on our Korea Live Webcams Directory Kijong-dong Propaganda Village Live Google Arial Map View Hancha North Korea Enjoy viewing this live Google satellite varial map view overlooking the North Korean Kijŏng-dong village - called Peace Village by North Koreans - or Propaganda Village by all people outside North Korea .Si una empresa privada rompe una acera municipal ¿no hay nadie que les obligue a dejarlo igual o mejor? I know you don't understand me or even view your comments but I don't mind. God bless you Chip and I will try to get back here more often to check up on you care of yourself dear lady.PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS . There is a lot of us who interested in Chip-chan, we will never forget her or leave her if she stops streaming. ;)It is sad we can't reach out to her it really is.. I hope you can at least feel the love so many people have for you here...She used to stream on youtube when her cam was down on this site.