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31-May-2017 22:06

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When the results were tallied and analyzed, the 2,944 participants were broken down into the following political groupings: Very Liberal – 1.6% of participants Liberal – 8.8% of participants Middle of the road – 56.6% of participants Conservative – 15.5% of participants Ultra-conservative – 1.5% of participants Non-conformist – 2.0% of participants Some other viewpoint – 11.0% of participants No answer – 3.2% of participants.The study speculated that the majority of people chose “middle of the road” in order to maximize their potential partners, meaning that people choose a neutral answer in order to reduce the risk of potential partners who would bypass their profile due to their political preference.The data collected allowed them to compare how each individual described themselves across a number of profile characteristics; including race, religion, body type, education, income, relationship status, desire to have children, etc..The data then showed how each dater’s stated characteristics compared to the characteristics of their ideal date.It is okay if the two of you don’t see eye to eye, but if your differences means putting on the boxing gloves and going at each other, it most certainly is not.How you speak to one another about an election goes much deeper than Romney or Obama.The first five profiles of men and women were chosen within a ten-mile radius of each zip code.2,944 profiles were used to determine the liberal and conservative dating preferences in the United States.

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When it comes to politics, things can get really heated, but topics such as child rearing, budgeting, where to live and how to educate kids can be just as touchy.

Dear Monica, I have been dating a man who does not share my personal political beliefs.

I'm not really political much, but i'd be considered a conservative I guess. Like affirmitive action or diversity and all that is just bs to me. My.… continue reading »

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I dated a hanging-off-the-left-wing, Bernie Sanders worshipping, liberal for two years. It was an up-and-down experience, with many, many downs.… continue reading »

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Right Wing News, a conservative political blog, interviewed six women who've dated both liberals and conservative men and asked them about their differences.… continue reading »

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Looking for Conservative dating sites?We know you’re more substance than just a selfie. OkCupid shows off who you really are, and helps you connect with people who.… continue reading »

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Conservative Dating In today's high-tech, fast-paced world, you can find a lot of information on just about anything that’s on the internet.… continue reading »

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