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I am far from giving up on blogging though and hope to have more time for it next year (I am still on the though)If you followed Niche Pursuits in the past, you've probably heard of Perrin, but if you have not, here is a quick introduction of how he went from someone just "dreaming" of making money online to making some, to losing everything and to rebuilding it all the right way.

Perrin's one of those people who constantly innovates on 'classic' marketing tactics, which has made it really fun to work with him--and in many cases to coach him--as we grow our sites alongside each other, swapping strategies and creating new techniques along the way.

Then, I just reached out to them, letting them know I had an infographic I thought they would like and to ping me if they wanted to see it. Naturally, I wanted to replicate the process, so I made a few more infographics and launched a few more outreach campaigns.

To my utter amazement, about 15 of them said they’d like to see it. Some worked better than others, but I was slowly nailing down--and tweaking--my process for building white hat links.

I was managing a portfolio of web properties that was approaching the 5-figure/mo mark. They were among the few SEOs I’d ever met who were doing white hat SEO at scale. At the end of two months, I had 76 articles on my site, and basically all of them were affiliate articles. So, first, I had a great infographic designed by my friend Suzy, and I wrote a killer 4,000-word blog post to go along with it (which, in hindsight, wasn’t strictly necessary, but I think it helped).

Up until that first conversation, I’d assumed this was impossible. White hat SEO was supposed to be something that required resources so immense only major brands could afford it. I figured it was finally time to do what I’d been putting off for the last two years: build some damn links. After that, I started “prospecting.”I put that in quotes because it’s light years away from how I prospect now; it was essentially just Googling “[niche] blogs” and taking the first 50 sites I could find.

And then I start pounding pavement--sending out resumes by the dozen, applying to jobs for which I’m not even remotely qualified. If you've seen the devil wears Prada, she's that kind of person.

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I even took the time to follow a few of them on Twitter (not sure if that helped much).Perrin wrote the parts you didn’t like, and he’s new here.”In that moment, I realized why corporate culture was so toxic: people didn’t in what I was creating. I used my lunch breaks and commutes to pound through business books. The people who were winning at SEO, however, had something I’d honestly thought was a mirage: . The dating website actually made .50 from two e Book sales, but everything else? I’d essentially put in hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours of work for no compensation.And, really, when you stumble across the likes of, say, Pat Flynn’s (mostly passive) income reports when you’re grinding through 12 soul-sucking hours in a cubicle every day, it’s hard not to be intoxicated. So I narrowed my obsession for entrepreneurship into an obsession for SEO. However.....without tooting my own horn, here’s what I think sets me apart from a lot of people, and I’ve seen this quality in the best entrepreneurs I’ve come to call friends over the years: I just…For whatever reason, my brain operates differently.

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In my head, if I know there are 100 possible ways to reach some goal, every failure represents a step closer to the finish line.

I had a brief, shining moment of satisfaction when the clients edits came back: they took out everything she’d done and asked for the version I’d created. Somewhere along the way, I came across this funny little acronym: SEO.

Hi. I’m Perrin. It’s 2012, and I’ve just finished a graduate degree in perhaps the single most useless academic field poetry. I’ve been tossed into the real world, and I have no idea what I’m doing.… continue reading »

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