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Over the last five million years, the mix would have gone from mostly-brawn, to mostly-brain until the domestication of beasts in the Agricultural Revolution.

These men would have used spears, knives, axes, sharpened weapons of all kinds, sticks, logs, counterweights, vines/crude ropes, fire, crude woven nets, and so on.

Even then, mothers were required to give breast milk every few hours constantly for the first few years of babies life, until the infant weaned.

By default, these mothers could not go out hunting all day, they were needed at ‘camp’, or in convoy, with their babies.

Two: Yes, cave did most of the hunting, not cave woman.

Males are higher in testosterone, they develop more muscle mass, greater strength (useful when trying to wrestle a 200-pound animal to the ground so you can slit its throat…while the animal fights for its life) and generally greater/stronger/faster physical abilities.

They would have driven prey off cliffs, into corners, down holes, into traps of any kind.

They would have hunted in groups to herd or corral the animals into tactically weak positions, then others in the group would have ambushed with spears and finished the kill.

Both would have been involved in butchering, preparation, fire making and cooking. Our intelligence has helped us to understand that we can accomplish so much more if we work in a team.So for several months she couldn’t wrestle beasts to the ground or scale cliff faces, climb trees or sprint through the undergrowth.Then she would have the baby, and again for at least a month or so she would be physically weary, and for several months she would be unlikely to be more than a few meters from her baby at any time.The whole tribe would have worked together to gather whatever food was available.

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